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The LAN 2023 Professional Development series included a variety of ongoing education sessions designed to help connect and support our educators. This page includes links to session resources (presentations, handouts, etc.) for future reference.


ALL IN with Data

Kate Naughton - LAN Team

Amy Davis - Como

Anchoring It Down!

Danny Fracassi - Mitchell Blvd. 
Agustin Tiliano
 - Mitchell Blvd.

Using KAMI in the Classroom

Jaysa Gordian - Mitchell Blvd.

ESL/Sheltered Instruction

Fanny Sancen - Forest Oak
Crystelle Carr - LAFO 7/8

Say WHAAAAT? Student Discourse

Julissa Gomez - John T. White

Mary Mosley - John T. White

Let's Connect: Increasing Student Engagement

Kasna Maat Ra - LAFO 6



Fight, Flight, or Freeze

Lea Anne Roach  - LAFO 7/8


MAC-Madness: Getting to know your Macbook

Sarah Hallock - Mitchell Blvd.

Getting Started With Canvas

Hollie Gutierrez - FWISD

Dr. Rose Irungu - FWISD

SchoolCity: Building Assessments for Teachers

Danielle Maciejewski

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